Hi guys! I'm jim and this is my stream! The tank you are viewing is a 29 gallon with the following stocking:

  • 1 Angelfish
  • 1 Gold Gourami
  • 1 Keyhole Cichlid
  • 2 Swordtails
  • 5 Zebra Danios
  • 2 Skunk Cories
  • 1 Longfin peppered cory (he schools with the skunks a lot)
  • 1 Nerite Snail

If you'd like to ask questions about the tank I'm usually here in chat, but if I'm not you can also contact me at JimDaRulah@gmail.com. I also hang out at Fishlore.com a lot, my name there is avejim, feel free to message me.